MyPhoneExplorer - Part 2

After a short burn in period involving multiple 2 way syncs with both my desktop and my laptop, I was ready to wean myself from Gmail.

My phone is my Personal Cloud

I had a simple problem:

  • Synchronize my Contacts and Events across an Android phone, a laptop and a desktop.

I already had this feature by the use of Gmail. But I was dumping Gmail.

My Gmail account had provided a centralized synchronization point. It was obvious that any viable solution would also rely upon a single synchronization point.

Personal Clouds

As part of my quest to wean myself from Gmail, I discovered that I needed a Personal Cloud. The Great Marketing Machine has invented yet another buzzword.

Additional research indicated that unlike IMAP, there did not seem to be simple WebDAV / "personal cloud" solutions. Everything I found was very large and complex with many fragile dependencies that involved several kitchen sinks.

Email is not an Address Book (or a Calendar)

Weaning myself from Gmail was not as simple or obvious as I first thought it should be.

Someone has your password!

Gmail hates me...

Well not me personally. I am fairly sure Google is not aware of me as an individual. I am not that important. But "in order to serve me better" it has  always made my travel life a misery. And now it has raised the bar to a personal hatred level. I have had enough...nothing personal, but I want a Gmail divorce!

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