Canon eTTL Protocol Investigation

Having established an Arduino based sniffer complete with an IDE I was finally ready to do some actual real investigation of the Canon eTTL protocol - as spoken by my Canon G16 and a 430EX II flash.

My prior work had indicated that there was constant chatter between the camera and flash. Even in an idle state.

Canon Hot Shoe

My problem: trying to control scuba strobes from my new Canon G16.

I have ruled out optical control because my YS110 strobes work poorly in optical mode AND the G16 cuts out after about 20 onboard flashes in continuous burst mode. So now I am focused on wired sync control of my smart analog strobes via the camera hot shoe.

Scuba Camera Strobe Woes

Time for a brand new topic: Scuba diving, Cameras and Strobes. My problem is how to happily control my scuba camera strobes.

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