Google Scatter Charts != Business Quadrant Charts

At this point we were a little confused. We did not think our ask was special. All we wanted was to create a simple business graph. Why was it not easy?

Further investigation of the Google Scatter charts revealed they were perfectly suitable for a scientific scatter plot, but highly unsuited for a business quadrant chart. Why was this? A review of requirements revealed that they were fundamentally different animals, they just looked similar on the surface.

A Scientific Scatter Plot has the following attributes:

What are Scatter Charts?

I was recently involved in a situation where we needed a simple graph to depict the likelihood of an event versus the impact of that event. All we needed was a simple 5 x 5 grid showing a bunch of data points. Both the X axis and the Y axis would have labels like Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Very High. We needed a Scatter Chart. I have seen lots of them. Nothing special. We just needed to add a graph to a Drupal system and generate dynamic graphs based upon data in the system. This should be simple.

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