MyPhoneExplorer - Part 1

Bottom line: It works as advertised!

At first glance the name MyPhoneExplorer was a little misleading as it seemed like a solution to look at the file system on your phone. Not so. It is a true 2 way synchronization tool. It is capable of talking over WIFI, Bluetooth or USB and can sync Contacts, Call Log, Calendar, Notes, Messages (email) and Files. I only tested Contacts and Calendar.

My phone is my Personal Cloud

I had a simple problem:

  • Synchronize my Contacts and Events across an Android phone, a laptop and a desktop.

I already had this feature by the use of Gmail. But I was dumping Gmail.

My Gmail account had provided a centralized synchronization point. It was obvious that any viable solution would also rely upon a single synchronization point.

Personal Clouds

As part of my quest to wean myself from Gmail, I discovered that I needed a Personal Cloud. The Great Marketing Machine has invented yet another buzzword.

Additional research indicated that unlike IMAP, there did not seem to be simple WebDAV / "personal cloud" solutions. Everything I found was very large and complex with many fragile dependencies that involved several kitchen sinks.

Email is not an Address Book (or a Calendar)

Weaning myself from Gmail was not as simple or obvious as I first thought it should be.

Someone has your password!

Gmail hates me...

Well not me personally. I am fairly sure Google is not aware of me as an individual. I am not that important. But "in order to serve me better" it has  always made my travel life a misery. And now it has raised the bar to a personal hatred level. I have had enough...nothing personal, but I want a Gmail divorce!


This post has nothing to do with technology. It is about food. Simple food. And simple food skills that have mostly been lost by our most recent generations, including me. It was something I knew nothing about. Other than the consumption side.

I had vague memories of my mother making Cucumber pickles. I have stronger memories of the rubbery crunch of her recipe. I loved her pickles. I hate cucumbers!


Drupal 4.7 migration to Drupal 7 - Files - Part 4

This is the fourth installment of my saga of upgrading my Drupal 4.7 internal knowledgebase to Drupal 7.

So far I had managed to convince d2d to bring my book based Drupal 4.7 knowledgebase over to a fresh new Drupal 7 installation. But no attached files.

Drupal 4.7 migration to Drupal 7 - Books - Part 3

This is the third installment of my saga of upgrading my Drupal 4.7 internal knowledgebase to Drupal 7.

Drupal 4.7 migration to Drupal 7 - Spoof D5 - Part 2

This is the second installment of my saga of upgrading my Drupal 4.7 internal knowledgebase to Drupal 7.

I had chosen to investigate the Migrate approach. Specifically to leverage the d2d module to make my effort as simple as possible.

Drupal 4.7 migration to Drupal 7 - Part 1

I finally migrated my personal internal Drupal knowledgebase to something more modern. Drupal 4.7 still worked fine for my needs, was not broken, but was a getting a bit long in the tooth. The primary nudge was the retirement of my last active Drupal 5 website (preserved for a short while here at Winetasters ).


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