Someone has your password!

Gmail hates me...

Well not me personally. I am fairly sure Google is not aware of me as an individual. I am not that important. But "in order to serve me better" it has  always made my travel life a misery. And now it has raised the bar to a personal hatred level. I have had enough...nothing personal, but I want a Gmail divorce!

Background: For the past several years I have lazily relied upon Gmail accounts to synchronize my personal calendar and contacts between my Android phone and my Mozilla Thunderbird/Lightning mail/contacts/calendar clients on various computers. I have always separated my email activities across multiple accounts: family, business, personal and fun never mix. So I have multiple email accounts. Multiple Gmail accounts.

Tradition vacation time SOP consists of firing up my computer to check last minute emails at the Radisson Hotel in Belize just before we board the Peter Hughes scuba live aboard boat for a week of off the net scuba fun. This has always triggered a bunch of harmless, but annoying alerts "we have detected your account is being accessed" (by some sort of lowlifes?). But I was able to carry on and access my email. Thanks Google, but your Big Brother complex is a little creepy.

Google escalated their Big Brother attitude a few weeks ago. I traveled to Manhattan and used a combo of roaming SIM and various tourist bar WiFi connections to check email via my laptop and/or phone. End result was a barrage of "Someone has your password" emails and a blocking of both my Thunderbird PC mail client and my Android phone mail client. I was able to access my accounts via a web browser and randomly (it seemed) click about saying "that was me" in response to Google's charming but confusing security UX.

End result: a whole week later, several sets of password changes, dozens of "that was me" clicks and I am still randomly being denied access from either my laptop, my desktop or my phone mail clients.

Technology divorce!

Stay tuned for my next post(s) which will outline my journey of abandoning Gmail and still being able to sync my phone, laptop and desktop contacts and calendars.