This post has nothing to do with technology. It is about food. Simple food. And simple food skills that have mostly been lost by our most recent generations, including me. It was something I knew nothing about. Other than the consumption side.

I had vague memories of my mother making Cucumber pickles. I have stronger memories of the rubbery crunch of her recipe. I loved her pickles. I hate cucumbers!

This urge was triggered by a recent grocery shopping trip that featured fresh cucumbers at low-low prices. The cucumbers were incorrectly labeled as "fresh dill pickles". What? Not yet! I can do that! Maybe?

We had lots of leftover jars lying around from buying and consuming local farm jams over the last few years. I found a simple recipe that did not require extensive equipment or "start yesterday" instructions. So I was very optimistic (and naive) about the effort involved and the chance of success

Turns out success is a slam dunk, but only if you do things right. Halfway through I failed to replenish the brine correctly (I forgot the 3 cups of water to go with the 3 cups of vinegar...) and ended up with a bunch of jars that are way "too tart". I did manage to successfully concoct 2 different types of pickles: hot garlic dills and sweet bread & butter.

The garlic dills came from a standard recipe. I altered this slightly to get the bread & butter - no dill, no garlic, no hot pepper, add some sugar, add some dried cherries. Both styles featured a somewhat random mix of mustard seeds, celery seeds, black pepper corns and bay leaves.