Email is not an Address Book (or a Calendar)

Weaning myself from Gmail was not as simple or obvious as I first thought it should be.

I lived for many years in several closed ecosystems that allowed me to blissfully float along without really paying attention to some significant details. My first couple of cell phones were Windows Mobile units that synced easily with my Windows based Outlook mail client. My transition to an Android phone also included a move from Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird & Lightning. Android implied Google which lead me to Gmail. Gmail became my sync solution. Email, Address book and calendar all included.

In my early Android days I did play around with a local install of Funambol for a bit, but it's complexity quickly lulled me into the convenience of Gmail. I became dependent. Oblivious. And happy. Complacent. Addicted? Life was good.

Then all of a sudden I fell out of love with Gmail ( see previous post ) and needed an alternate solution. I don't need no stinkin' Gmail! I pay for several domain names and my ISPs have lots of email servers I can use. Time to strike out on my own. Become self sufficient.

For email. Not Address books. Not Calendars. I had forgotten that IMAP (POP3, SMTP) simply means email. No support for Contacts via an Address Book or Events via a Calendar. Oops! Reality sets in. Life sucks without a complete ecosystem.

So how am I to sync my Contacts and Calendar? Initial research quickly led me to WebDAV and then to CardDAV and then CalDAV. This seemed simple enough.

A bit of quick Googling (do you detect the irony here?) indicates that I need a Personal Cloud...