Drupal Amazon Candidate Modules

Now that we had (lightly) covered the available Amazon marketplace web services it was time to delve into the Drupal world of Amazon.

This task still required a large amount of effort. As per previous posts adding the term Drupal to Google searches along with the term Amazon resulted in Drupal books for sale on Amazon. So I reversed my search technique: I went to Drupal and searched for Amazon modules.

This turned up candidates for both a short list, a medium interest list and an ignore list. The short list was the following modules:

The medium interest list held modules like:

The ignore list was comprised of modules relating to Amazon Web Services stuff. Not what we are interested in so no need to list them.

A big red flag is that I did not quickly find a module that supported Amazon's Marketplace Web Service. The Amazon and Amazon Store modules supported Amazon's Product Advertising API. These were not vendor focused. It became apparent that either there was no Drupal support for MWS or it was very obscure.

My Google-Fu eventually prevailed with the discovery of the Commerce Amazon MWS module supported by Acromedia. This is a Drupal Sandbox (think incubator!) project. Kudos to Acromedia to provide this early code base to the community as a starting point for engaging with Amazon's Marketplace Web Service.

Our next step is to evaluate the modules that we have found.