Drupal 4.7 migration to Drupal 7 - Part 1

I finally migrated my personal internal Drupal knowledgebase to something more modern. Drupal 4.7 still worked fine for my needs, was not broken, but was a getting a bit long in the tooth. The primary nudge was the retirement of my last active Drupal 5 website (preserved for a short while here at Winetasters ).

The first issue was to decide how to preserve my precious content. I had close to 1500 nodes and over 600 attachment files. Too many to handle manually. A quick review of available alternatives indicated there were 2 popular options:

  • upgrade the site
  • migrate the content

After reading a few posts about having issues with in-place upgrades, I decided to explore the migration route.

This choice also provided multiple options. I had extensive prior experience with Views Data Export providing data for consumption by Feeds combined with Feeds Tamper. I had no experience with Migrate or Drupal-to-Drupal Data Migration modules. This made the answer obvious.

I decided to try d2d. Oops, Drupal 4.7 is not supported. the earliest supported version is Drupal 5. But: contrary to advertised abilities, it worked! Eventually...after a few tweaks...

Subsequent posts will highlight some of the challenges I encountered making d2d work with an unsupported obsolete version of Drupal as well as some unsupported features.